FFIRME® - El Soporte para tu móvil que no se cae
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Some videos to show how FFIRME® Holder works.


VIDEO 1 - How does it work, full video:


VIDEO 2 - Use the FFIRME® Holder with your cell as the cheapest and best dash cam:


VIDEO 3 - Extreme test, Part 1 (raw audio):


VIDEO 4 - Extreme test, Part 2 (shows the position of the holder):


VIDEO 5 - FFIRME® Holder, adds a new dimension for your memories:


VIDEO 6 - Crossing the Zero (or Greenwich) Meridian, province of Zaragoza, on the way to Madrid:


VIDEO 7 - Pilots Juan Ruiz (Double Rally Andalusian Champion) and Borja García (NASCAR Racing Pilot) held a test session of the latest Renault Sport Megane competition model along with the FFIRME® Holder on the longest and nicest Spanish circuit, the Ascari Circuit, in the Sierra of Ronda, Málaga.

Sudden velocity changes , high G forces, chicanes, vibrations, ... nothing can beat our Holder. Thanks Borja and Juán !!:


VIDEO 8 - Way to Calar Alto in Almería, Spain.