FFIRME® - El Soporte para tu móvil que no se cae
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  • How does it work, how is it placed in the car?

    The design and manner of operation of FFIRME® Holder has nothing to do with all previous holders known so far.
    It has not suction cups, clamps, magnets, adhesives, velcro, ... is placed press fitted between the dashboard and the windshield of the car.
    You can see the entire process and videos here.

  • Does it work for all phones?

    Virtually yes. With the two sizes we offer we can cover mobile widths from 58 mm to 82 mm, where almost all current smartphones fit. Measure yours if you have doubts.

  • Does it work for all cars?

    In most of cars you can find one or more places to put it in, but it does not fit in the 100% of the vehicles. In the worst case, if you cannot place it in your car, you can always use it at home or at work, or even make a nice gift to a friend :-)
    See dimensions of the piece above.

  • Can the phone be placed vertically?

    Yes if you place it on your table or at home. But FFIRME® Holder is not designed to hold the mobile vertically in the car. Anyway, some users place it vertically in the car and they say that works fine.

  • Is it too big or annoying for driving?

    Not at all. From the driver's point of view the only part of the support that covers the vision of the road is the top. In fact is much less distracting than holders with arms.

  • Does it leave some left-overs or marks on the dashboard or the windshield?

    No marks or left-overs on the dashboard or on the windshield. Only when the windshield is dirty, almost imperceptible marks could appear, but nothing recognizable and nothing comparable with suction cup marks.

  • Is it legal?

    Well, every country or region has its own traffic regulations. Check with the authorities where you are going to use the FFIRME® Holder if you have any doubts.

    A couple of things we can ensure, it is so legal or illegal as the suction cup holders, and it is much safer in case of accident since the piece is 100% soft and it won't hurt the passengers in case of impact.

  • What material is it made of?

    It is made of silicone of the highest quality and free of heavy metals.

  • Is it patented?

    Yes, our support has a European patent and it is protected worldwide (USA included) with the PCT.

  • I'm a retailer or a distributor. How can I order FFIRME® Holders for wholesale?

    Contact us directly for distribution opportunities in the US and other countries: info@ffirme.com

  • Is it possible to order customized FFIRME® Holders?

    Yes, you can personalize the color of the piece as well as the logo. The minimum order is 1000 holders. Contact us to get a quote: info@ffirme.com