FFIRME® - El Soporte para tu móvil que no se cae
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How does it work

FFIRME® Holder is the first single-piece mobile holder made of high friction and elastic material that is placed press-fitted between the dashboard and the windshield.

It has no suction cups, adhesives, magnets, air vent adapters,...


Choose an area of the dashboard with no (or little) slope.

Both, the windshield and the holder have to be clean and free of moisture (FFIRME® Holder is washable).

Follow these two simple steps:

  1. Place the holder 
    Place the holder on the dashboard and push it towards the windshield. Drag on its base on the dashboard, until it fits firmly.

    Continue pushing on the top and on the base, pressing slightly until it fits perfectly.

    IMPORTANT ➽ See image 1 on the right and video below.

  2. Place the phone in the holder
    Separate the claws and place the cell phone horizontally between them, taking care that no button are pushed, slide the mobile sideways if needed.

    IMPORTANT ➽ See image 2 on the right and video below.

At first it might seem a bit tricky but with little practice you'll be able to place it perfectly in less than a second!

- English captions available -


If you still have any doubts or concerns please visit our FAQs section.

VIDEO: How to use the holder.

IMAGE 1: It is very important to ensure that the top surface of the holder is totally in contact with the windshield. Deform the body of the piece if necessary.

correct placement of ffirme

IMAGE 2: Place the cell phone in the holder as shown in image below.

Correct placement of phone in FFIRME holder