FFIRME® - El Soporte para tu móvil que no se cae
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Some videos to show how FFIRME® Holder works.


How to place it

In less than 10 seconds. English captions available. 


How does FFIRME® Holder works?

Video presenting how the car mount is placed and how does it works. 


Do you want a dash cam? You already have it!

Use the FFIRME® Holder with your cell as the cheapest and best dash cam.


Extreme test I

Off road driving for more than two hours with bumps and constant vibration. We have maintained the ambient sound. Do you know any cell mount that passes this test? We DON'T.


Extreme test II

The end of test I, when we stop the car, and remove the phone from the FFIRME® Holder in order to show the position of the holder.


Do not forget those landscapes

FFIRME® Holder, adds a new dimension for your memories, for your travels.


Crossing the Greenwich Meridian

Aragón, province of Zaragoza, on the way to Madrid, Spain.


Ascari Track test with Renault Megane Sport

Pilots Juan Ruiz (Double Rally Andalusian Champion) and Borja García (NASCAR Racing Pilot) held a test session of the latest Renault Megane Sport competition model along with the FFIRME® Holder on the longest and nicest Spanish circuit, the Ascari Circuit, in the Sierra of Ronda, Málaga.

Sudden velocity changes , high G forces, chicanes, vibrations, ... nothing can beat our Holder. Thanks Borja and Juán!!.


Snow, forests, sun and telescopes

On the way to Calar Alto, Sierra de los Filabres, in Almería, Spain.


Again at Cabo de Gata Natural Park

This time after a rainy day. You know, filmed with a cell phone placed in the FFIRME Car Mount, the best dash cam.


Filming in the rain

In the fall, the rains appear, but in Spain we need more rain!
BTW, do not forget to turn on the lights because sometimes the visibility is very reduced when it rains ...